The South House Story

Like many homebrewers, I started brewing in college. My roommate Dave and I bought homebrew kits from the local head shop that carried a rather limited selection of brewing and winemaking supplies. We brewed several batches in the kitchen of a house we shared with six fraternity brothers. Due south of the fraternity house, it was dubbed “The South House”. Though the majority of beer consumed there was light beer in bulk quantities, The South House is where I first gained appreciation for a better beverage. And so, the continuation of this journey will be named after its origin.

“The South House Brewery” is a brand of sorts; tying my social media to this blog with something more than my long last name. Its also a constant reminder to myself of the excitement and joy brought on by discovery; to keep discovering, to enjoy each discovery, and to never take beer (or anything) too seriously.

This blog is the next step in my progression as a brewer. I hope writing about my brewing process will reveal both its strengths and weaknesses, as well as help me achieve my brewing goals. Please feel free to offer criticism, ask questions, or just strike up a conversation – that’s the point!

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