About Me

My name is Kyle Kohlmorgen. Born and raised in a small Indiana farm community, I took off to Rose-Hulman to get a big, fancy (read: expensive) engineering degree. It was here that I learned to love craft beer and eventually started homebrewing. Beer quickly took deep roots in my life, persuading me to specialize in Biochemical Engineering. I even designed a brewery and production schedule for my senior project!

Fast-forward to now: I have been out in the real world for a fewe years, working for various chemical and beverage companies. My homebrewing “hobby” has matured into a life goal, and I continue to push my career and personal obsession together. As my wife and I talk about the future, “the brewery” is always in the discussion. I am passionate about her, our two dogs (Cooper and Murphy), and creating beers that, one day, people will ask for at establishments outside the South House Pilot Brewery Tasting Room (i.e. my basement).

Ubiquitous, Speed-Date Questionnaire:

Born: August 20, 1985

Current City: Saint Louis, MO

Day Job: Process engineering consultant for the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries.

Wife: Angela

Dogs: Cooper and Murphy

Sports Alliances: Colts, Boilers

Brewing Affiliations: American Homebrewers Association, Brewers Association, STLHops Homebrew Club

Brewery Setup:
18-gallon cooler mash tun, 15-gallon boil kettle, March pump (a.k.a Life Saver), lots and lots of buckets!

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